High School Online

Preparing For Success
Our high school program is unique in that each student begins by participating in a foundational course of successful goal-setting. The course is based on Sean Covey’s “Seven Habits For Highly Effective Teens.” As other coursework begins, our Student Support Department maintains weekly contact with the student through a progress report which also contains suggestions on how the student can maintain a good pace. Student Support also helps the student to set goals for academic success. Reports are also sent to parents and administration.

Academic Program: Foundation Four
Full-time online students are enrolled in our high school academic program known as the “FOUNDATION 4.” This is a 4.5 credit area of study which includes:
Writing, Literature, and Grammar
and Geography

This Foundation 4 is completed at every grade level in high school, and is based on our four year history rotation. Students earn credit based on reading lists of classic literature and original documents, and a History/Religion study of the time period, which includes science, art, music, literature, etc. All areas are studied as one whole and integrated course. Students research, explore, infer, and write about what they have learned. Feedback to teachers can be submitted in various forms such as written (thesis) and media (video and Power Point), and others.

BYU Elective Courses
Our Elective Courses offer additional courses outside of our Foundation 4 requirements. There is no additional charge for these BYU courses. They are included in your annual tuition cost. In fact, you can take as many of these course as you wish during the nine-month academic year.

These great courses include a wide range of fun elective courses that can be taken to help fulfill graduation requirements.

Creating the Academic Plan
The remainder of the high school graduation requirement plan is created by the student, parents, and our administrative staff. This custom plan will reflect the talents, needs, and interests of the individual student.

Transfer Credit
High School Credit may also be given for completed outside courses that can be taken at a local high school or college, as well as certain ACT scores which demonstrate proficiency.

Credit By Proficiency
Do you play a sport, dance, or play a musical instrument? Talk to us about proficiency credit for some of the things you do best and enjoy the most. With the help of a local instructor, coach, or mentor, we can team up to create a plan that will help you reach your dreams.

Call us for more information, or begin the enrollment process today. (888) 847-8020